Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-10-09T11:44:39+00:00

Please review the WACA Membership frequently asked questions below.

Optus Stadium

Is public transport included in my WACA membership?2018-10-09T12:00:57+00:00

Yes, public transport is included in your WACA membership for all major match days at Optus Stadium.

What are the gate times for the upcoming matches?2018-10-09T12:02:32+00:00

One Day International – Australia v South Africa
Date: Sunday 4 November 2018
Gates open: TBC
Box Office B opens: TBC
Play starts: 11:20am

Where is the WACA Members Reserve at Optus Stadium and where can I sit?2018-10-12T10:23:37+00:00

The exclusive WACA Members Reserve extends through the northern side of Level 1 and Level 5 of Optus Stadium. Seating in these areas are available to WACA Members and their guests only.

Members can upgrade to a season-long reserved seat on Level 1 or Level 5, or take up a premium membership package that includes access to exclusive club access on Level 2.


Visitor Passes, Reserved Seats & Access

How do I secure Reserved Seats?2018-10-09T12:20:31+00:00

Members are now able to upgrade to a season-long reserved seat on Level 1 & Level 5.Click edit button to change this text.

Location Bays Price per seat
Level 1 120, 121, 122 & 123 $420
Level 5 516, 517, 519 & 520 $320
When and how can I purchase Visitor Passes?2018-10-16T10:13:51+00:00

Visitor Passes will go on sale on Tuesday 16 October. You are able to purchase visitor passes for all match days at Optus stadium via your Online Member account. Click here to login!

Children under 5 years are free of charge.

Prices & Limits
Match Cost Availability Limit
Australia v South Africa – ODI Adult $60 U18’s $25 Yes 5 per person
Australia v India – Test Adult $60 U18’s $25 Only Day 3, 4 & 5 5 per person
BBL Matches Adult $60 U18’s $25 Yes 5 per person

Terms and conditions apply to the use of visitor passes. To view, please click here.

How do I invite non-Members into the Members Reserve?2018-10-09T16:37:18+00:00

Members have the option to purchase up to 5 Visitor Passes per person for selected match days. Children 5 years and under are free entry however will still be required to obtain a pass from the Membership Window on match days.

  • Test Match (Days 3 – 5)
  • One Day International
  • Perth Scorchers Matches
  • Tour Matches
  • Domestic Matches

Forms & Publications

Membership Application Forms2018-10-09T12:30:36+00:00
Where can I access the Constitution, Membership By-Laws and Governance charter?2018-10-09T12:23:36+00:00
What concession rates are available and where can I find the forms?2018-10-09T12:24:58+00:00

Age Pension Members

  • Members age 65+ as of 1 October will qualify for a concession rate. These subscriptions will be provided automatically.

Country Members

  • Members residing 80 or more kilometres from the WACA Ground qualify for a country concession rate. These subscriptions will be provided automatically.

FIFO Members

  • Members that work FIFO rosters in remote areas can apply for concession membership. The member must provide a letter from their employer signed and on company letterhead to verify their FIFO roster throughout the cricket season.

Associated Club Members

  • WACA Members who are also a financial member of an associated cricket club can be eligible to obtain a concession rate on their subscription. Please contact the Membership Office if you believe you may qualify.

Umpire Members

  • If you are a registered and participating WACA Member, you will qualify for a concession. These concessions will be provided for WACUA registered Umpires.

Pension Members

  • If you are on a TPI Pension or a Disability Support Pension, please contact the Membership Office regarding your membership subscription.

General Membership

Can I put my Membership on hold for an extended period?2018-10-09T11:57:05+00:00

If your circumstances make you unable to utilise your WACA Membership, absentee status allows you to keep your membership without paying ongoing annual subscriptions for a period of up to five years.

For a one-off payment of $250, your membership will be held until you renew a full Membership type. Absentee status can only be used once in the life of your Membership.

To apply for Absentee Membership, please contact the Membership Office.

What if I’ve lost my Membership Card?2018-10-09T11:55:35+00:00

Contact the Membership Office as soon as possible on 9265 7279 or email to report the card as lost/stolen. Your card will no longer be active for to access Optus Stadium or the WACA Ground.

Lost cards will incur a re-issuing fee of $10.00, to be paid in advance. You will be eligible to receive a complimentary day pass into the venue whilst your new card is being issued.

Who can use my Membership Card?2018-10-09T11:51:40+00:00

Your member card is for your use only, however, Guest Cards are transferrable for your friends and family.

Members are reminded to keep your card safe and in your possession. If your membership card is used by a non-Member, the card will be held by the Membership office, the individual using the Member Card will be asked to leave the ground, and your Membership will be subject for suspension.

Do I need to purchase a ticket to attend matches?2018-10-09T11:50:28+00:00

No – your WACA Member Card and Guest Card (if applicable) are your entry into Optus Stadium and the WACA Ground for cricket match days.

What matches can I attend as a WACA Member?2018-10-09T11:48:57+00:00

All matches at the WACA Ground and Optus Stadium! This includes;

  • All days of the Test Match
  • One Day International
  • Perth Scorchers regular season and finals
  • Domestic and Tour Matches
How much is WACA Membership?2018-10-09T11:47:43+00:00

For the 2018-19 season, Membership Subscription prices are as below:

  • Membership Waitlist: $50
  • Metro Membership: $410
  • Metro with Guest Card: $750
  • Concession/Country Membership: $265
  • Concession/Country with Guest Card: $530
  • Junior Membership: $175
What should I wear in the Members Reserve?2018-10-09T11:19:08+00:00

Continuing with long-standing tradition, we ask our Members and their guests to respect cricket etiquette to ensure an enjoyable match day experience for all.

  • Restrict movement during play
  • Be considerate of those around you
  • Ensure responsible consumption of alcohol

Members are reminded of their responsibility to ensure their guests understand and observe cricket etiquette. Any Member or visitor behaving in an anti-social manner will be removed from the venue and the member to face other consequences as required.

  • Smart casual clothing
  • Collared shirts and official branded supporter shirts of the playing teams are acceptable

Revealing, offensive, unclean or tattered clothing are not accepted in the Members Reserve. Beach wear and thongs are not permitted.